A Quiet Corner

I can't believe it actually worked!

Axel grinned to himself as he walked through the back door of Sal's Pizzeria, pausing for a moment to check the time on his phone. He was able to clock out twenty minutes earlier than normal due to a little help from a thumb sized specter.

It's amazing how much time you save having someone-- or rather-- something tying up all the loose ends.

It was the first time he had really summoned anything and it shocked him how helpful the spirit was. He had seen his granny and mother use larger spirits to help with the household cleaning or for reaching items too far away but he had never done it himself. Axel had been attempting to use the summoning spell wherever and whenever he could. From brewing his morning coffee to putting a dirty shirt in the laundry hamper, it had all failed until this evening. The possibilities for his new found spell made him giddy.

With a pep in his step, the lanky male fell into step with the crowd of suits that bustled around New York, popping in his headphones and slipping his hands in his jacket pockets. All around, it had been a good day so far. After crossing the street and taking a shortcut through a back alley he arrived at his favorite quiet corner of the noisy city, The Jumping Bean. The door swung open with ease and the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted into his nose. Axel ordered a black coffee and made a b line for his favorite nook. It was a small table that had been painted and doodled over a dozen times, tucked behind a corner of the bar. It was exactly how he liked it-- out of sight, out of mind. For the magic user, this was ideal for practicing a minor summoning spell.

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