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Summary: Trader & Hunter.

Jasib Razin

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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Group: Survivor

Physical Appearance

Jasib likes to keep his identity well under wraps. His face is covered in a painted bird-like mask, it can get somewhat sweaty beneath it. He wears light clothing. On his back is a wicker basket big enough to carry a fair amount of supplies.


Basic Hunting


Struggles with some weaponry


He possesses a decent blade, though its age is starting to show. He has a canvas bedroll to accompany some of his camping equipment.

Personality and interests

His only real interest he knows so far is to make a decent living. He doesn't fully understand himself yet.


Jasib grew up in the small trading community Zubiya. He worked on the stalls well into his teenage years. He realised he had to see the world, he left Zubiya and took on the look of the painted bird; Zubiya's symbol. He makes his way around bartering and hunting for fresh meats. But still feels like he is missing something in life...

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Image of Jasib Razin
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