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Summary: I could fix that. But I can also take it apart and make it better.


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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Survivor

Physical Appearance

Lean and pale. Large eyes that glow, and inside the iris are stars that twinkle.


He's an inventor and a very good one at that. he take apart almost anything and build into some completely different . If it's useful he'll snatch right under your nose.


He's very naive, and very gullible at times. He can't seem to see why anyone would want to take advantage of him. Well that is done in par to his lonely times spent in a caves building knit knacks and gadgets.


A rusty Philips screwdriver: which is where he got his name, and an old beat up jalopy that's pulled by camels.

Personality and interests

He loves building things and exploring. But he has only one goal his, "Journey to the outer sky," as he says. But as the years pass by, he feels his quest will never be done, but maybe that will change when he finds himself a partner, And maybe from that he'll have a friend.


Near the beginning before the Stareyes had left our planet. One of them created a new form of life, with the use of human and Stareye DNA. As the child was born he was an amalgamation of the two races. His eyes where of the Stareye, but his body was of man. Only this child was a perversion of both races. So it's parent abandoned their child, leaving it in a dark, and cold cave. But later in life that child grew, and formed an ambition. To one day follow his father into the stars.

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Image of Philip
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