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Summary: Catches, breaks, tames and sells monsters. Kind of a bitch.

Prue Gingritt

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Survivor

Physical Appearance

Slender and toned, 5'6", caucasian
Platinum blonde mohawk with shaved sides
Dark eyes
Many scars, the most significant one across her nose and cheek


Skilled in melee combat, she is agile as well as stronger than she looks. Her favored weapons are spears, bidents and tridents, which she uses nonlethally to pin down opponents or with lethal precision when the situation calls for it.


Arrogance and overestimation of her own abilities and status. It’s led her to a few nasty scrapes where she barely escaped with her life. Not great with guns, which she finds impersonal, or social skills.


One monster she keeps for herself: a Throck named Ginny. The size of a large alligator, bony white, with a salamander-like body shape, leathery skin, a long thin tongue and many pedipalps with individual teeth around the mouth. She usually walks it around on a leash. It's the only monster she tamed completely.

Owns a house in the second ring, including a pen where she can keep up to 6 monsters for breaking and taming.

Also owns a range of spears and both long and short bidents and tridents. Usually carries a 6 foot bident around, just in case.

Personality and interests

Aloof and cynical. Direct and to the point, she does not mince words and doesn’t care much for castes and decorum, looking down on the higher castes’ sense of accomplishment and entitlement.

She has a peculiar sense of vanity; she considers scars beautiful and is very proud of the ones she has, but self-inflicted scars or scarification are for cowards and weaklings. Scars must be earned to be beautiful.

She prides herself on her independence and tries to avoid emotional connections to maintain it. However, she knows when cooperation is beneficial and doesn’t eschew working together in those cases. But she will always look out for herself first and second.


For most, the monsters of the wastelands are a scourge, a terror that shuttered humanity away behind steel walls, emptied the roads, and caused death and isolation. For Prue, they represented an endless source of fascination, and as she grew, of challenge, and finally of income.

She was born to a merchant, behind the walls of the steel city of Guder. Revolted by most of mankind and their cowering ways, Prue ventured outside city as often as she could, despite protests from her parents. She learned how to spot, study and avoid monsters, and began devising ways to capture and, if possible, tame them.

Resentment towards her parents grew. They wanted her to be safe and take over their modest business in the lower ring. Prue called them cowards and weaklings who held her back. At the age of 15, she left her home, never to return. She found a small abandoned home outside the walls and moved in there.

That year she managed to catch her first monster. She had taught herself the use of bidents and tridents, both long and short ones, and she learned to use them to pin monsters down. Through a mixture of torture and classic conditioning, she managed to get the monster to obey a few simple commands. She began catching others, mostly specimens smaller than herself, and started refining her taming technique. Though the monsters never even approached completely tame, and at least half died before they ever broke, it turned out to be viable just to remove their tendency to immediately try and rip the throat from their victims.

Prue began selling the beasts to upper class men, who wanted them for sport, as guard dogs or simply to put on display. She was beginning to make a name for herself when a much larger monster came across her house and the monster pen. Her entire stock was slaughtered, and Prue barely escaped with her life, leaving her with her largest scar, the one straight across her face.

Instead of giving up, Prue moved into a house in the second ring of the city, where she has constructed a smaller but more efficient pen where her monsters are housed. Her reputation has only grown since, and she with barely any competition to speak of, she amassed a fair amount of wealth. Additionally, she has no neighbors, as no one dares living next to the monster pen.

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