Prue recognizes a good deed

Prue held out her bident, but she did not move to strike just yet. She had relinquished the leash, but the bone-white throck did not attack, sitting low at her ankle, emitting a low hiss. Instead of making a move, Prue asked: "Did you know about the worms?"

Before he answered, she did so herself. "Of course you did. What fucking assassin just jumps on the table and shoots the fucker point blank. You're from the Wasteland, you know Deathworms." Ginny hissed, her tongue flicking from the maze of teeth and disappearing again. "So now I got a moral fucking dilemma. You probably saved half the Hall back there. But letting you go is bad for business. So..." She stood up straight and planted her bident in the ground. "How about you come with me, and I'll get you exonerated. I'll testify that you saved the whole fucking place. If you don't, you be sure, they'll hunt you the fuck down and you'll be as dead as the worm-riddled whale. I might do it myself."

Ginny hissed again and stepped forward. Prue looked down and smiled. "Or her. Whichever. So I'm your best shot, hero. You coming along?"

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