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Hardware hunting

The sun was harsher today, its yellow glow beat down onto an old rusty truck. It was being pulled by two camels across a vast desert. And out of the right window, a small and skinny figure was leaning out with a handmade set of binoculars. After a few minutes of scouting the creature went back inside the cabin in search of his canteen. He searched throughout his vehicle when he accidentally knocked a rusty screwdriver off his dashboard. The creature caught the old tool in both hands and gingerly placed it in the seat next to him, " you mustn't be anxious Phillip, we'll find some parts eventually, but be careful if all you do is worry, your head won't work the same."

A few hours had passed and it would seemed today would yield nothing. But a grand city of metal appeared over the horizon, one he couldn't forget. It was Guder! The last time he was here he had found many wonderful parts. Maybe today the city would provide an even better harvest.
As he approached, his vehicle was dwarfed by the city's massive walls, this filled the driver with a sense of awe and curiosity. How many days did it take for this place to be built, how much metal was used to build these walls, he thought. But he soon put away his thoughts, he had found what he was looking for.
A wonderful looking specimen. The vehicle in question was an old military transport truck, but after many years it had lost its luster and had changed into a trading truck, But of course none of that mattered to the engineer

He began searching the truck , and mostly found crates of shiny metal which he threw outside. But he did find bags of black powder. He dragged them out one by one into his jalopy and placed them behind his seats. After that was all said and done, he got his tools and begin to work. It was hard but he at least had company while doing it, Phillip was their to encourage him. And after forty five minutes the whole truck was looking a lot less whole.
He gathered all his new hardware and stashed into the back of his own truck. He got both his camels ready and sat down to enjoy the ride, "Nice work Phillip! lets hope the next ones got as much gear." and off they went in search of more treasure.

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