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Summary: A padawan with an ancient master and a strong connection to animals.

Kal Oldin

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Padawan




Somewhat capable in the general facets of the Force, but not particularly strong in any.
A special force talent that allows him to form empathic bonds with animals. Higher evolved species seems to resist this ability.



Physical Appearance

Kal has light green skin and brown hair that is usually kept short apart from his apprentice's tail. For clothes he has settled with function over fashion in mostly brown colours, no robes or anything that would reveal him as a jedi.
As opposed to most of his breed he has resisted the tradition of tattoos to mark his accomplishments. Even though he has the age for it, he has no facial hair to speak of.


Kal is a silent boy, often seen by himself. He largely prefers the company of animals over higher species as their intentions are always pure and clear. Most would say that such a personality is the sign of inner confidence, but the exact opposite is true. Kal is very insecure in himself and his abilities, which is causing him to fail many times even if the strength and skill is there.


Kal grew up on Mirial, the Mirialan homeworld. As this species is naturally force sensitive Kal's abilities were easy to hide. Even as a young child he felt himself drawn to the outskirts of his city, to an ancient temple that had fallen into disuse. At first he himself thought he was drawn there by the strange structure itself, but meditating inside it revealed a vision to him about a hidden underground chamber. Using what little force he could, he managed to move the altar and reveal the path down into the darkness. In the chamber Kal found an old holocron, jedi robes and a lightsaber.
After spending a few weeks trying, Kal managed to activate the holocron, which proved to have belonged to an old Mirialan jedi master named Josi who had retired back to her homeworld and been forgotten by time. Josi's holocron contained many of her teachings and she helped Kar develop his skills and teach him the basic moral of the jedi order.
Practicing with the force for a long period of time finally caught the eyes of the inquisition, they arrived at the temple at night but could not open the path to the hidden chamber. They bombed the temple instead and destroyed the whole site, together with the holocron, but not the lightsaber which Kal had brought home that night on a whim.
After learning that the inquisition had destroyed his place of practice, Kal was gripped with fear of his own life, and the lives of his family. He packed a small bag with the lightsaber, supplies and clothes, and snuck aboard a spaceship that was leaving the planet. The ship's destination unknown, Kal is determined that wherever it is heading, it must be safer than staying on Mirial.

Special Items/Ships


Items/Ship Descriptions

An old and worn hilt in silver with copper patterns forming rows of squares.
The blade is unstable and orange.

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