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Summary: Alssya looks to make it as a businesswoman, without relying on her family credentials.

Lady Alyssa Maniford

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Rebel




Naturally talented pilot and space navigator
Skilled in negotiation (though primarily for better pricing for deliveries)
Starship engineer
Marksmanship (both with shipboard weaponry and personal firearms)
Self-trained slicer



Physical Appearance

Alyssa is of average height for an adult Human, with a slender but attractive build. She has her father’s dusky skin tone and her mother’s copper hair, which she keeps in a utilitarian ponytail or braid most of the time. Her eyes are a lighter hazel, with a stronger hint of gold than green. Except for diplomatic functions, she is far more likely to be seen wearing the grease- and sweat-stained clothing of a freighter pilot than the fancier clothing of nobility.


Known as ‘Lady Mania’ to those that have had the misfortune of drawing her ire, Alyssa is notorious for her temper which, though not technically ‘hair-trigger’, is nevertheless frightening to behold to those who are not expecting such from a noble. Ironically, her title does not mean much to her (much to her parents' disappointment), though she will use it in a pinch. She is anything but a spoiled, pampered noble and her temper is primarily reserved for those fools she refuses to suffer (as well as those she thinks are trying to cheat her in a deal; often, these are one in the same). Otherwise, she is a surprisingly calm and caring individual, with soft spot for youngsters, and seriously threatening them in her presence is one way to ensure that ‘Lady Mania’ will make an appearance.


Alyssa Maniford is the second child and second daughter to Duke Oren and Duchess Nayva Maniford of Loeria. Duke Oren had previously been a member of the Rebellion who, during a mission as fighter pilot, had been shot down over Loeria during an Imperial invasion. While attempting to find a safe place to hole up until he could contact his mothership, he defended Nayva and her family from Imperials. The two quickly fell in love over the next several days, and when the planet finally was secure in Rebel hands, as a reward for protecting Nayva and her family (who were cousins to the King), he was made a Duke, and, consequentially allowed to marry Nayva. Though he resigned his official commission in the Rebellion, he turned out to be more effective as a Duke, due to his contacts in military and civilian shipping and wily business sense.

Their first child Hela was many things that their second daughter, Alyssa, was not. Where Hela showed the poise and grace that was expected for a noble’s child, Alyssa was far more interested in taking apart anything mechanical and piloting anything she could get her hands on. Hela would come to dinner with her hands clean, while Alyssa would, more often than not, show up covered in patches of grease across her hands. And face. And pretty much anywhere else that was uncovered while she investigated how a starship worked. She was still loved by her family, and did her best to make her parents proud for her rank.
Yet, she was not in the least upset when Hela was confirmed as their parent’s heir as the first born, as it left her more time to follow her passion of piloting. As a consolation, her family had bought her a starship of her own, a somewhat used Ghrtoc 720 freighter. In addition, using some of the contacts from his days as a freighter pilot before joining the Rebellion, Oren was able to assist in setting Alyssa up a shipping business (with the understanding that she would occasionally aid him in discreetly passing on information to contacts at various planets).

Now, truly free from the majority of the responsibilities of her rank, she has over the last few years made a name for herself through her ability to deliver whatever items need to be transported, be they crates of mechanical parts, perishable medical supplies or a gaudy sculpture (which just so happens to have a list of names of still active Imperial intelligence officials wanted for war crimes).

Special Items/Ships

The Bantha’s Burden, her Ghtroc 720 light freighter
DL-18 Blaster Pistol

Items/Ship Descriptions

The Bantha's Burden: Her transport vessel, The Burden is well-loved and well-used. She prefers to do as much of the maintenance as she can, but does know her limits. In spite of carrying questionable cargo at times, she does not consider herself a smuggler (mostly), but simply a businesswoman who needs to make ends meet. Thus, she has limited the amount of modifications to The Burden in attempt to prevent suspicion by many noisy inspectors. Its most beneficial modifications are more responsive engines, allowing her to hit her top sublight speed faster, and slightly stronger shields, though that extra strength comes at the cost of some of the responsiveness.

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