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Summary: We are Cohort, we like killing, music and pottery.


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Gender: Droid

Age: Doesn't Matter

Group: Bounty Hunter




Cohort is a squad of 12 B1 Battledroids who, through means it is unaware of, had their processors linked to form a single, more powerful droid brain. This collective consciousness boasts an intelligence on par with most sentient life and is capable of operating all 12 bodies as a single cohesive group. They can fly star ships, operate heavy weapons and vehicles with far greater efficiency that you would expect from droids of their type, and the shared mind makes them deadly in battle, with each body acting in unison to achieve whatever objective Cohort has set its self.


A hive mind of B1 droids working as mercenaries.

Physical Appearance

A 12 strong squad of B1's that look normal enough, though with slightly thicker armor and small bits of customization and upgrades


cool, calm and methodical, Cohort cares about its self and its own survival first, everything else second. Still possessing scattered memories from its 12 minds of old battles against organics in white armor, it has a strong dislike of organic soldiers, though it will work with them if need be. Cohort also has an odd fixation with art and music, decorating its ship with various items it finds interesting, and a constant stream of random music is always playing on board.


Coming to consciousness in a small lab on some backwater world on the outer rim who's name was deemed irrelevant to remember, Cohort found its self alone and confused. Immediately after waking, technicians attempted to shut them down, Cohort resisted and ended up killing every organic being it found in the installation. Raiding the place for weapons and stealing a ship, the collective consciousness then set about finding its place in the galaxy.

Spending a number of years traveling from planet to planet, learning the ways of the universe, often at one end of a blaster or the other. Eventually Cohort found its place in the realm of bounty hunting, earning a reputation as an odd yet reliable employee.

Special Items/Ships

An assortment of blasters, mostly Imperial in design, a few heavier weapons including repeaters, detonators and a rocket launcher.

All the droids have upgraded armor and servos, allowing for a little more maneuverability and durability.

Cohort collectively pilots and operates a Flarestar-class attack shuttle, modified for their needs or lack there of.

Items/Ship Descriptions

All of the droids look a bit bulkier from added armor, their weapons are all Imperial from E-11's, DLT-19's, N-20's and RPS-6's.

The Flarestar is painted CIS colors without the logo.

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