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Summary: Do you need that healed or would you like to play Sabacc?

Vin Hambul

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Sith




Vin is a Noble that was trained to be a physician. He is a very gifted gambler and a sith (Force Adept - He uses his powers for influence, control, and to cheat while gambling). He is good with languages and knows people, who know people in both the Empire and the Alliance.

He is constantly in the process of setting things up and believes there needs to be balance in most things, unless he can profit.



Physical Appearance

Vin is a well dressed man that likes the finest things. His skin in brown and he has a faint symbol of a seeker on his forehead. His hair is black and his eyes are dark brown.


Like most Chalactan's Vin is spiritual in nature. But due to family connections with the Hutts and life events, Vin believes in more of a balanced approach to the universe. You can't have good without evil, you can't have Jedi without Sith, and so on. He down plays this and tries to present himself as being "beyond" all of the Spirituality, but he isn't.

Vin tends to have a smile on his face and prefers to have others fight for him.


When your family if friendly with the Hutts, you quickly learn that the world is not binary. Vin was born into a family with enough social class that the world of possibilities was open to him. He had spent time in the temple as a seeker, but after being with his family on a trip where his older sister and mother were killed, he decided he did not like being powerless. He left the temple and started studying medicine. His studies went well and he started gambling which he took too. He started to learn that information, connections were the real way to protect oneself.
So he got into politics with the help of his family and a couple contacts. This was not so hard in a place were people want to be contemplative (naval gazing).

Vin's weakness is Minaru, a young woman from the temple that Vin adored on sight. Though the relationship was forbidden.

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Image of Vin Hambul
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