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Summary: The savior.

Seiko Akagami

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Jedi




He’s really good with his saber and he has a really aggressive style. Strong with the force. Good pilot. Unknown midichlorians count. Uses dark and light side abilities.


Jedi Knight

Physical Appearance

He’s almost six feet tall,light skin, slim, muscular, has two medium size scars in his left eye from a previous fight, a big scar on his chest with the form Of a X.
He has dark brown eyes and medium lenght wavy black hair. Right handed. Likes to wear black clothes, especially his black cloak with no hood and always have his lightsaber in the left side of his belt.


Wants to succeed, focused on his goals, doesn’t like to be given orders, he does what it feels to be right. He’s exoverted, confident, sometimes egoistic, has a lot of friends but only few real ones. He thinks about his past mistakes, if he’s sad he tries to hide it, he’s emotional but not a lot of people know it, he likes to be a leader, he can be doubtful, he cares of what people think of him and tries to guess what they think. He’s funny and likes to laugh, he likes to talk with his close friends about their goals and loves a Great adventure. He wants to make the galaxy a place where there isn’t just dark and light, he wants peace in the galaxy and be the leader of it, inspiring others.


He was part of a rich noble family, but when he was 7 yrs old he lost everything during an attack in his planet his parents Saved him by asking an unknown pilot to take him with him, even if they didn’t know him he was the only chance to save their beloved child. Seiko lost everything and the old pilot couldn’t afford raising him so he left him alone in the street. Not a single person stopped to help him, until a man, who looked to be in his 50’s helped him and found out about his past and his family the man that took care of him was revealed to be a jedi master changed his surname for his own safety And trained him for years and took him as a padawan. He was a prodigy and many people acclaimed him.

Special Items/Ships

A purple lightsaber. Razor crest.

Items/Ship Descriptions

His lightsaber has a silver looking hilt not too long and easy to handle for him and a purple kyber crystal. His ship is equipped with hyperspeed, two laser cannons, auto-pilot, medical resources, and three seats even though more people can stay in it.

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