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Summary: "...Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Peace is a lie..."

Adarasina Rausvas / Darth Nulis

Gender: Female

Age: 25 (Force essence and body absorbed into Sith Holocron in 3604 BBY, Born in 3629 BBY)

Group: Sith


Sith Pureblood


Average lightsaber skills
Force Mind Manipulation
Force Battle Meditation
Force Storm


Darth Nulis

Physical Appearance

1.65 meters tall. High Contrast and glowing Red eyes. Deep Red shoulder length hair. Strong Red skin tone with sharp spurs and tendrils across the face. Ridges of flesh native to a Pureblood's biology. An elaborate array of gold jewelry along the face and across much of the body, mostly in the form of small studs, rings, and a few small linking chains.

Having left the physical world herself, she can be said to be the Gold and Red pyramid shaped Sith Holocron which holds her.


Highly manipulative and dominating through her abilities in certain practices of the Darkside. She speaks with authority from anger and passion. She is xenophobic to all other species of the galaxy that are not Purebloods or Humans.

Isolation for over three millenniums has dulled her and she yearns for another to feed her selfish desires of connection.

She seeks to manifest herself back into the physical world. Only through absorbing Force Energy from others strong in the Force will she be able to achieve this.


A long time ago, during the reign of the Eternal Empire a child was born on Dromund Kaas. Like nearly all Purebloods she was born Force sensitive. Trained to use the Force from the age of five her powers developed admirably. Living amongst surviving Sith and Imperials hiding deep among the jungles of Dromund Kaas. She didn't leave her home till she was fourteen standard years of age when she was taken under Darth Aeternum to be his apprentice.

After killing him years later when she became strong enough, as is the way of the Sith, she acquired a powerful relic, constructed by her late Master originally for himself to achieve immortality. She had been told nothing of this and still riding the high of her new position she underestimated it. Over the years trapped in isolation she has learned to use the holocron and through her own abilities she has kept her sanity.

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Image of Adarasina Rausvas / Darth Nulis
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