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Summary: A friendly person that seeks to grow stronger in the force

Alora Woods

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Jedi




Plant surge, move object, affect mind, battle mind. Enhance senses, forsee, force push, force lighting, friendship

Skill: lightsaber combat, knows how to Pliot enough where she won't crash

Specail: force flight


Jedi Weapons master

Physical Appearance


Friendly, unless you get on her bad side


Born on Yavin V and raised in the jedi temple of Yavin V. She spent most of her life following the ways of the jedi. Under her master, master windu. Learning about the attacked that happened on Yavin V. The empire had came to wipe it out. Instead of rebuilding the temple they left the out layer as is and worked on restoring the temple inside.

When her master and the jedi left the temple leaving only her. When she was 20, it's been three years since she's seen anyone.

Note: master windu was only reported dead around the time of order 66. However he fake his death and hid on yavin v.

Special Items/Ships

Carrys two light sabers one white and one purple, comlink

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Image of Alora Woods
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