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Image of Susalana Ogbedgi

Summary: Revanchist

Susalana Ogbedgi

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Jedi




Outside of her training with the Force and Lightsaber combat her primary training was in engineering and maintenance or starships. She also had training in piloting.


Jedi Paladin

Physical Appearance


Susalana felt stifled at the conclave when there was a universe to explore. It felt like torture working on ships or building ships for others knowing she may never be able to go out into the stars like them one day. She studied constantly to make herself better to be the best. The happiest day of her life was not being the first person to win both the Heart and the Mantle nor when she set a new record. The happiest day of her life was when she was promoted to Paladin, and she could spread her wings. She does wonder if she had been home when everything was lost if she could have prevented it or saved some of them.


Revan and Meetra became stranded in the Unknown Regions with no way to leave and a few disciples to teach they started a conclave that would come to be known as the Revanchist Conclave.

For thousands of years, they operated in the dark, growing their ranks. Every so often their greatest warrior known as a Paladin was permitted to leave and bring back reconnaissance. The location of their conclave was a closely guarded secret, it was so secretive only a single droid was allowed the knowledge and he never left. The return trip required the Paladin to prove it was safe for them to return only then would the droid take over their ship and return it home.

The Conclave had two ways of growing their numbers selective breeding and recruiting force sensitives.
Susalana was a result of the selective breeding program. Only a select few knew the lineage of those in the selective breeding program. Two major contests that tested one’s link to the Force were held every decade five years apart until someone won the contests. The prizes were two legendary kyber crystals once wielded by Revan. Since the beginning of the contests very few have ever won when they did, they wielded the kyber crystals until their death.

To enter the first contest, one must drink a specially brewed tea that puts you into a deep trance. The scenario is different for everyone based on their connection with their force and their personality. The administrator of the test was impossible to be lied to. For Susalana she found herself in a prison, stripped of her powers. She endured torture; she was forced to listen to others being tortured. She was constantly on the lookout for a way to escape and to free the others. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity an opportunity presented itself. She snuck out and armed herself with a blaster she freed others. As they made their escape, they found themselves stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. While the slicer took care of the door, she and others defended him. The slicer defeated the door, and they were moments from freedom. Suddenly a vibroblade wielding prison guard was about to stab the slicer. With only seconds to think and freedom just moments away, Susalana stepped in the way of the and was mortally wounded. With her last ounce of life, she killed the prison guard. Susalana woke up and was presented with the Heart of the Guardian.

To enter the second and deadliest contest, one must drink a specially brewed poisonous tea that robs you of your eyesight and slowly kills you. Armed with only the Force and no Force Sight the contestant must find and brew the antidote. The only way to survive is to use the Force to slow the progression of the poison and to defend yourself. Susalana alternated between slowing the poison and using her full Force powers to find the antidote. After two weeks and three days, she returned setting a record by half a day. Her efforts secured her the Mantle of the Force.

Susalana on her thirty-first birthday was awarded the rank of Paladin and a ship. Her ship was a custom-built light freighter modeled after the Ebon Hawk with upgrades based on their developments made at the Conclave and acquired from various factions. The first captain was given the privilege of naming the ship, she named it Largo Bay after her favorite place back home.

During her reconnaissance, she learned of a plot against the conclave. Before she could find out more, she received a coded message. After decoding she learned that the Chiss discovered the Conclave’s existence from a Paladin believed to have perished. In truth, he was captured, tortured, and turned by the Chiss. Susalana was instructed to find the Jedi Conclaves that trained the founders of their conclave.

She knew that protocol well, it would result in the destruction of the conclave and everyone in it. She would be the sole survivor of her conclave. She would be responsible for ensuring its teachings survived.

Special Items/Ships

Heart of the Guardian Lightsaber
Mantle of the Force Lightsaber
Largo Bay light freighter

Items/Ship Descriptions

The Largo Bay is a custom-built Dynamic-class freighter made from technology acquired from numerous sources. It is a one-of-a-kind ship. It is black with dark gray accents. It has a pilot droid permanently installed on the bridge in the copilot’s seat.

Heart of the Guardian Lightsaber:
Bronze colored blade with a yellow core
Made with a Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse
The hilt is of modest design. It has almost no detailing. What detailing it does have is to aid in gripping. It is made from silver metal.

Mantle of the Force Lightsaber:
Cyan colored blade
Made with a Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse
The hilt is of modest design. It has almost no detailing. What detailing it does have is to aid in gripping. It is made from black metal.

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