a new beginning

Serenity wiped the tears still like of her face away then took Quints' hand as she stood up. As Rowan aproched Serenity took several steps back. she watched him for a moment. as he spoke she just stared at him confused. What he apologizing she had attacked him with very little reason. He was not force sensitive she was it was her job to control herself. "Did you hit your head. I attacked you and that was wrong" She said.

She looked at Quint and then followed red back to were Mar was. " Master Mar what now" she asked. She was half expecting more lecters and for him to take her light saber again. She would not just hand it over if he tried. It was her weapon that she had earned. she turned her head sideways for a moment studying his light saber. It was so fimilare but where had she seen it before. It did not relay mater now there was work to be done.

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