Balance or Unbalance

She just stared at him for a moment. Emotions lead to the dark side didn’t they. there were only two path light and dark. She shook her head. "But master emotion leads to the dark side there are only two paths. Light and dark and all that is down the path of the dark side is pain and suffering. the dark side is evil and i will not go down that path" she said. it was very clear she was missing his point.

Leaning against he wall with his arms crossed Rowan Chuckling a bit says “without light there is no dark and with out dark there is no light. I think is what he is saying you need both to live you need a balance. My code is

Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
Loyalty is life, for without one's clan one has no purpose.
Death is life, one should die as they have lived.
Wearing armor.
Speaking the language.
Defending yourself and your family.
Raising your children as Mandalorians.
Contributing to the clan's welfare.
When called upon by the Mandalorians, rallying to the cause.

It is the way

you must also have a strong mind body soul. If you have to much of one thing you become unbalanced and weaker. What Master Mar said makes sense in the balance of your soul or force. I even may study what wisdom he has told you today” said Rowan carefully.

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