A teen missing on Peria (part 3)

The stealthy Mark VII Inquisitor droid was observing Wilanto doing his computer work. He sent its pieces of information to its owner. Once sure that Wilanto was alone, Roxor decided it was time to talk.

He ordered his Inquisitor droid to monitor the door and entered the room without knocking. Roxor wasn't wearing his body armor, only light clothes, and carrying an uncommon hand weapon on his side.

Wilanto was about to go for his weapon, but Roxor's gesture and smile convinced him not to do so.

"Easy sir Wilanto, I do not seek a quarrel with you. Well, for now. May I take a seat?" Told Roxor with a confident voice.

"Do I have the choice?" Answered Wilanto

"Of course. If you don't want me to tell the authorities that you're tampering with kids." Said Roxor

"What are you talking about?" asked Wilanto genuinely surprised.

"Let me sit down then and let speak as the gentlemen we are." said Roxor with a smile.

He took a chair and explained the case to Wilanto while checking his voice pattern for possible lies. Wilanto was surprisingly honest. He told Roxor that Sasha introduced herself as a sales representative of Morgath, she had accreditation and came to sell some genetic food additives produced by her company.

Roxor kept interrogating: " And you didn't find at least strange that a so young girl had these kinds of responsibilities?"

" She didn't look so young... She had a company ID, and what she proposed was a decent business for me. It's a surplus of unsold merchandise. These are good products, long warranty, not too difficult to sell outside. Small benefits but pretty safe ones. Nothing unusual." said Wilanto in an attempt to be convincing.

"Except that you made a deal with a minor sir Wilantro." uttered the Bounty Hunter.

"No one goes to the slammer for speaking with someone, I'm the one who can complain about being cheated in that case."

Wilanto's voice pattern was genuine, or he is a master of deception. Roxor smiled and continued: "Ok then, let's speak about business... Did she let you a way to contact her?"

"Of course. I have a comm number and my droids went for the material. Now it should be..." Wilanto checked his computer "... between my warehouse and the transporting ship now. Everything in order according to the manifesto. Mrrrrr... I don't like that, but I'll have to stop this shipment and check with the company."

Roxor moved his head in sign of negation: "No it won't be necessary. Let me check that for you. If there's any problem you'll be the first to know. And about the comm number..."

Roxor checked it quickly and recognized the unidentified number used to communicate with Sasha when she was home.

"This number is useless. I've already checked it. It belongs to the accomplice of this girl more than likely."

Roxor tought for a moment before talking again: " Look, I'm going to check this shipment right now. Show me where it is and which ship is supposed to board it. If I find the girl I seek I'll give you a little part of the bounty for your help. Even more: in the future House Benelex may call for your services for transport or information. Do a background check about us and you'll see how well we choose and treat our partners. I appreciate the fact that you were honest with me all along, and that's why I make this proposal".

Wilanto didn't know at this point if it was a real proposal or something very different, but there was no benefit to gainsay the blue guy for now: "All right, let's check this shipment then, we'll go together, I'm up for earning a commission if you find this girl."

Wilanto was closing his computer when Roxor received a danger signal from his Inquisitor droid. Someone carrying a weapon was approaching the door and she looked really angry. Roxor ordered his droid to stand by and stay hidden. He asked Wilanto:

"Are you waiting for someone carrying a weapon and visibly pissed off?"

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