A teen missing on Peria (part 4)

"Honestly, given my luck recently, I know exactly who it is," Wilanto said with a sigh.

Alyssa, as Roxor had before her, barged into his office. Her scowl would have been terrifying if he did not know her as well as he did, though it was still unnerving.

"You realize that you have less than a day..." she began before movement caught her eye. Her pistol was out and pointed in the stranger's direction milliseconds before his was pointed at her.

"Whoa!" Wilanto exclaimed standing up and waving his hands to both of the others. "Both of you calm down, please." He really did not need Alyssa arriving now, but then again, it could be just who he needed right now. "I really would rather not have blaster fire in my office."

Neither Roxor nor Alyssa lowered their weapons, much less took their eyes of each other.

"Roxor, allow me to introduce Lady Alyssa Maniford. Alyssa, this...gentleman needs my help with something, which we were discussing just before you came in."

"Yeah, and still need to get rid of those stupid fish eggs in less than a day." She didn't turn away from the Roxor. "They're gonna rot in that container if you don't get me that new buyer you promised."

"Yeah, well, I was getting ready to look for one when he came waltzing in." His voice softened a bit. "It doesn't hurt that his need is a bit more pressing than the roe."

Something about his tone caught her attention and she quirked an eyebrow. "Oh?" she said.

Gingerly, Wilanto reached out and placed a hesitant hand on her shoulder. "Give me a chance to explain, and it'll be clear enough why."

It was a several heartbeats before she slowly raised her weapon, then holstered it. Roxor followed suit a moment later. Wilanto let out a relieved sigh and pushed a seat toward Alyssa. Though suspicion still showed on her face, she took the offered seat.

Wilanto proceeded to give the woman the basics of what had gone before, though he did not mention the offer of the commission. He did emphasize that Sasha was missing, and both men were not exactly sure just how much danger she was in.

"I guess I see what you mean," she said quietly. "All right, I'm in as well."

"What?" Wilanto exclaimed, with honest surprise.

"What do you mean 'What'? I'm not that hard-hearted a person that something like that isn't going to stir me to action. And three pairs of eyes are going to have a better chance of finding her than two. And should the poodoo hit the exhaust, I'm a hell of a better shot than you are."

"Fine, fine. So long as Roxor doesn't have a problem with it."

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