A teen missing (part 5)

Roxor was once again genuinely surprised by the level of "righteousness" of these people. He has learnt by experience not to always thrust entirely on the machine's readings, but these two looked really honest ones. He finally answered to Lady Alyssa:

"Not at all, I'm not the {I ALWAYS WORK ALONE} type." He paused and his face took a thoughtful expression when he continued. "However, some little details have to be clarified before going. You should know that one of the contributors to this mess is a member of the local authority. A corporate cop to be more precise. This means we could face some problems with the authorities themselves."

Wilanto spoke: "That may change the deal a bit..."

Roxor interrupted him: "Not so much, the law will be on our side, even regarding local laws. I have been fully mandated by the parents and we're dealing with a missing minor. In case of a confrontation, my House's legal service will make sure we won't have any further problem".

Wilanto didn't sound fully convinced: "Believe me if we have to face cops and shoot at some, they won't allow us to go along our path. I have a business to run you know..."

Roxor answered: "I have a lot of experience with contracts like these. The daughter of a senior member of an interstellar corporation is missing. They won't mess up with us if we can show what we're doing. Moreover, imagine how corporations would react if they discover that one of the cops they pay for their security is involved in the kidnapping of a corporate girl. No... These cops are corporates too in fact. They won't be upset because we help them to clean their own house. We just have to act with care and they may even be grateful to us."

Wilanto: "Grateful???"

Roxor: "Indeed... But we have to avoid confrontation if possible, and if not avoid damaging the corporation's assets and personal. This means..."

He looked at Wilanto and Lady Alyssa's belts and asked: "Do your weapons have a stun mode or do you need me to provide non-lethal weapons?"

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