A teen missing (part 6)

Alyssa gave a short snort. "Well, yeah, technically, it doesn't. Dl-18's are pretty much considered disposable weapons, and those kind you don't even bother with a stun setting." She gave a lopsided smirk. "On the other hand, I don't necessarily like putting a burned hole in everyone I aim at." She gave Wilanto a meaningful look, and he blanched for a moment before composing himself. "I did some tweaking and managed to install a limiter that acts like a stun setting. Hurts more than a basic stun, but does about the same thing."

Wilanto shook his head. Even when she was stunning someone, Alyssa had to find a way to make it painful. "My pistol does." He tapped his a finger on his chin. "But Alyssa's right about one thing: I'm not the shot that she is, and I'm pretty certain that still leaves me below you, Roxor. That said, wait a moment, and I might have something that'll even the odds for me a bit."

Wilanto reached under his desk seemed to be searching for something. It only took a second, though, and Alyssa thought she heard a very faint 'click'. When he pulled his hand back out, Wilanto held a black metal rod, under half a meter in length, rounded at one end and with a grip at the other.

"Well, I'm be damned. Is that what I think it is?" Alyssa asked, not bothering to hide her surprise and admiration.

"Yep. A stun baton. A Merr-Sonn, to be specific. Two settings, with the second nearly lethal if need be. Which is why they're considered restricted on most civilized planets." Wilanto gave a chuckle and looked to Roxor. "One of the police here owed me a favor for finding him some rather rare medications for his kid. Apparently, it was confiscated from a thug who had been enforcer for some Hutt. Was going to be destroyed after the guy never made it to trial. So, he gave it to me as an extra part of our payment. Been keeping it under my desk, just in case some foolish person got any ideas of attacking me in my office." He returned the same meaningful look to Alyssa.

Unlike Wilanto, however, she shrugged, rather nonplussed at the hint. "That's fine. Now I know not to let you get in here if I'm going to shoot you." His smile faded while a falsely innocent one appeared on her face.

"In any case," Wilanto continued, "it's a little extra something to knock out with, rather than knock off. If we're going to get to that hanger, we better get moving. I think that the ship's scheduled to leave within an hour."

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