A teen missing on Peria (part 7)

"Very nice weapon indeed" said Roxor staring at the Stun baton. "A bit heavy but very efficient. In the Corporate sector the ESPO, the corporate police, uses something like that. But their version burns like hell!... Anyway let's go, I'll have to take something on my transport, but it's on our way."

Roxor stood up and went out of the office. Once out, his new companions could see a little spherical floating droid coming in front of them. An instant after it flew away ahead of the group.

"It's going ahead and will give us a first view of what expect us there." Explained the bounty hunter. Seeing Alyssa's thinking face, he continued with a little smile: "Oh yes young lady, it would have shot you on the back if you had made the wrong choice there inside, but you didn't!"

Roxor made a soft move to give a paternal pat on the young lady's shoulder if she let this happen. He knew seconds after their meeting inside that her youngness won't be an issue. He saw in her eyes that she had been through much despite her age. But he couldn't refrain from being protective with young ladies. A relic of his childhood education for sure.

On their way, he adverted both of them not to fire except if fired upon first. If one of them have to shot first it would be himself. But as a wise man once said: the greatest victory is that which requires no battle. Unfortunately, scums of the galaxy don't listen to wise men but more often the song of blasters.

Roxor made a stop were his refit separatist shuttle was waiting and quickly slip on his Arelik armor. He looked like in a spacesuit into that, but this armor saved him more than once, especially now that he's not as fast as he used to be.

Oh yeah, Roxor has been fast, maybe as fast as those notorious Jedi he has heard about. But these criminals for some, heroes for others, were long gone, as well as Roxor legendary fastness since this incident on Canto Bight. Now he relies more on his reputation, his experience, and his material than his fastness, which is now, at most, average for a bounty hunter.

A little beep inside Roxor's helmet indicated that his Inquisitor droid arrived on site and was secretly witnessing the loading aboard the transport.

Two blokes were in conversation close to the access ramp: a human in body armor using a helmet covering his face and a seemingly middle-aged Gran. Both were wearing blaster pistols. Furthermore, the Inquisitor droid identified 3 Gamorrean guards watching the cargo droids loading containers tagged with the logo of Morgath Industries inside a small cargo vessel. Five persons, including three piggy style chaperons, to supervise an allegedly low-value cargo, suggested that something was happening here when the 3 companions approached the area...

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