A teen missing on Peria (part 8)

The trio moved slowly toward the hanger. Roxor's description of the guards caused Wilanto to frown.

"There weren't this many individuals here when I made the deal. And certainly not all the Gammoreans. I would definitely had remembered them." Through gritted teeth he muttered "This deal just keeps getting worse."

"It certainly doesn't make sense unless they've got something that they really want to protect. Or someone." Alyssa kept her hand near her weapon, which she had send to stun before they had left. She would have preferred to have it at full power, but Roxor's point was valid. And her instinct would have been to fire until everyone firing back at her had stopped, alive or dead. "So, assuming that we're not going in, guns blazing, how are we getting in there without causing a firefight?"

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