Fight or Flight

Mar frowned. Ghost didn't know anything about what had been happening all this time? It was a shock to find someone who didn't know of The Empire and how it had fallen. This only further added to her mystery. She had been kept hidden for so long, but for what reason? Who would do such a thing to such a kind girl?

"Well... it's a bit of a long story. Suffice it to say, there was an Empire which tried to take over the galaxy. They were stopped by a group of rebels led by a Jedi. Now we're seeing these rebels trying to rebuild the Old Republic, reestablish peace and order in the galaxy. And the Jedi are on the rise once again... Though I'm not one of them... I was once part of the Empire..." His features soured with guilt. "But I'm wanting to make up for my mistakes..." He shook his head. "In either case, yes, I can take you on as another student. Teach you the ways of The Force..."

Rowan stands to his feet and looks at the others “what another force user? What are we a Jedi academy?”

Mar was beginning to wonder that himself. In fact, the idea of training Serenity, Quint, and now Ghost, was already becoming a daunting prospect. And he suddenly wondered if he needed to consider finding other Jedi...

"...RED! get ready for trouble! All this force stuff is starting to piss me off. what the hell is going on?" he asks.

Mar's brow furrowed. There was a real possibility that this bond Quint had with this assassin could compromise their position, and leave them on the run constantly. "We need to deal with this bond as soon as possible." He looked to Quint. "I have never dealt with a force bond before. I don't know what to do aside from killing the sith you're connected to. Either that... or we may need to find someone who does know about such bonds..." He shrugged. He didn't want to contact the Jedi, mostly because he was certain they would have him answer for his crimes. But if need be... he'd seek them out to help Quint and keep Serenity and Ghost safe.

"We can either try for Icerraine and Liden now... or we can leave Jakku and try to got after them when they're not expecting it." Mar said. He looked to Rowan. "What do you think? There's a lot of unknown variables. I think we need to take stock before we mount a major assault. I hate to run... but Liden isn't one to trifle with."

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