Warning And Apology

Ghost listened intently to Mar's explanation as she glanced to where Serenity still stood in the room with the destroyed holo table. The more he said, the more questions she had building up in the back of her mind. She held them back out of her constant concern over Ripper always being close by. Even when he was not seen, she knew he was always watching and a part of her did not wish to pull anyone else into her problems, despite one of them threatening her chicken.

"We can either try for Icerraine and Liden now... or we can leave Jakku and try to got after them when they're not expecting it." Mar said. He looked to Rowan. "What do you think? There's a lot of unknown variables. I think we need to take stock before we mount a major assault. I hate to run... but Liden isn't one to trifle with."

Biting at her bottom lip, fingers tightening around the fabric of her bag, Ghost was hesitant to bring up her own concerns. She did not really wish to share anything about her past - more precisely, the past four years of her life - but she needed to warn them of the danger, at least. Rowan's yell to RED had her on edge already.

Letting out a heavy sigh, she spoke up. "Whatever you decide, we should at least get moving. Ripper is always close by and he does not give up easily. I've learned that the hard way the past year." She explained, refusing to look at anyone now. "I would rather not risk him getting his hands on Serenity. She's too young to endure the damage he causes..."

Brushing past Mar and Rowan, she goes to the room where Serenity was in, deciding to keep the young teen company. She would not spill more, for fear that she would give up too much information.

Clearing her throat, Ghost offered a smile to Serenity and looked to the table. "So...he said I did that. I'm really sorry if I scare you. I had no idea."

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