A Trail Of Green Eggs

When Ghost saw Serenity's hand come toward her face, she flinched slightly, but allowed the teen to make the braid. With a smile, she touched at the newly braided locks. "Thank you, Serenity," She said softly.

He turns and faces Ghost would you like help with that arm of yours’s?”

Blinking, Ghost turned her blue eye to RED-1 and shook her head. "Oh, it's fine! I've dealt with worse!" She blurted with a nervous laugh, worried over having the large droid so close. Grabbing her arm from the bag, she tried to shove it back on, only for it fall back to the floor. Face flushing a dark red, she picked it up again and properly attached it. "I'll fix the hand later..."

Carla stepped up to them, rolling her eyes at the sad excuse for a joke before squawking at her owner.

Blinking for a long moment, Ghost asked the chicken, "Excuse me, you did what?"

Carla squawked again, almost as if she were huffing.

"You're kidding me, right? You've got to be screwing with me...you left a trail of eggs all the way here?" Ghost's voice was starting to sound rather panicked. Another squawk was enough of an answer and the wolf eared woman was rushing back to Rowan, Mar, and Quint. Fear was written all over her face as she asked, "Any chance we can leave now?"


Ripper, caked in blood from his recent massacre in town, had followed the trail of green eggs and was staring up at The Ranger . "Interesting..." He muttered with a heavy sigh and glanced back at the ring still floating behind him. It was clicking as its two halves continued to spin. "You know I don't knock."

Pulling the light saber from its place at his hip, Ripper walked toward the ship as he activated it. Green eyes narrowed the closer he got, spotting a door he planned to use to get in. Whistling, the ring quickly split in two and started to cut at the door while he finished his trek to it.

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