Mar stepped down the cargo ramp as he waited for Rowan to acknowledge his question from earlier. If they could incapacitate him, they could get the hell out of here sooner and hopefully find a place to lie low and properly train his new students.

However, right now, he had a something slimier than a hutt to deal with. He glared at Ripper. "She is not yours..." Even now, Mar could feel the fear from Ghost, the echoes of all the pain Ripper had put her through. It sickened Mar, who had committed many horrors as an inquisitor... yet nothing anywhere close to the indignities Ripper had visited upon that poor girl. It wasn't in keeping with his intention to explore The Light... but Ripper had to die. This much Mar was certain.

"Hey, you can use the force, Mr. Mar! Ripper can't die, but his lungs hurt when you use that on him! Also, it works great to -!"

Ripper cut the oddly helpful droid off and Mar raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?" Mar then reached out with the force and clamped down on Ripper's lungs. Choking them as best he could, yet it was clear whatever foul science that kept Ripper alive was working still as the lungs continued to try and do their intended job despite the Force crushing them over and over.

Yet Mar was glad to see this... animal... in agony. And this was where Mar found himself in a familiar situation. Torturing people had been a specialty of his. Inflicting pain on another to get them to expose their deepest secrets. So he added pain to the whole affair. Letting The Dark Side work through Ripper like large nails through his body, stimulating and twisting the nerves that would cause the most pain.

If he couldn't kill Ripper, Mar would hurt him.

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