Chapter Five: All Bets Are Off (Pt.2)

"ALL BETS ARE OFF!" A curious statement from a meatbag who shows gambling tendencies. Heckler spent no more processing power on the question the moment he realized the gambler had jumped at the only armed pilot.

The other two pilots had still seemed stunned by the sudden escalation. Heckler spent three nanoseconds on pondering the most effective actions of attack. He began to move towards the pilots, one began to backway from the gambler and his grappling with the other meatbag towards there own X-Wing. Heckler targeted the one who was now looking for an opening to tear the gambler from off who Heckler deduced was the female meatbag pilot's friend.

After the two seconds of travel Heckler altered his course around the gambler and his wrestling bet to attack the female who was now aware of Heckler's plans against her. Pushing her down after a quick estimation of force needed with a few degrees of overestimation to be sure Heckler then proceeded to stomp on the meatbag's upper chest. He did a quick sensor sweep to check on the gambler's situation.

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