An Icy Hideout

Keran looked to Serenity and flicked his ears. The vitriol evident in her tone and in the way the Force reacted to her. "You two are the ones who came to me for guidance, if memory serves. Perhaps you should remember that before speaking, padawan."

"Don't antagonize the girl," Mira said to Keran. "She doesn't like you because you've been a real nerf herder with regards to her master."

Mar stifled a chuckle. He was already beginning to like Mira. Keran's ears flicked again and he looked to everyone who were either glaring at him or smirking. Keran nodded and looked to Mar.

"My apologies, Mar. This is behavior very unbecoming of a Jedi Knight... You came to me because you wish to follow the path of the light... As a Jedi I am bound to honor this wish." Keran bowed his head and flattened his ears.

Mar nodded. "Apology accepted." He hopped into the pilot's seat. "Alright. Preparing the landing cycle, calculating an approach vector..."

The Void Swift descended into the atmosphere, following the landing instructions Ghost provided for them as they did. Soon they were in the unlocked loading bay. Mar handed Serenity a fur trimmed jedi cloak after putting on his cold weather gear.

"Here should keep you warm and isn't against the Jedi dress code." He smirked.

"Why are we here?" Mira asked.

"A friend of ours needs answers here, and this world is a good place to hide from the Imperial Remnant. Given that we needed Ring to navigate the debris field, I'd say this is a safe place to hide out..." Mar shrugged. "Come on... lets get out there and help Ghost find her answers..."

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