Ripper's Attempt At Reason

(Simply assume Rowan listened and didn't accidentally send them into that storm with the big nasty beast).

Ghost had gladly used the key to get the landing bay to rise up, letting both ships inside before following on foot through the snow. She only offered the storm a glance, lightning flashing to reveal a giant shape moving beyond.

Once inside, she shook snow out of her hair and ears before heading to the elevator door beyond the ships. The landing bay itself began to close, sinking back into the ground to keep the place safe enough. "I hope the power is still on." Ghost commented with a smile as she pulled on an old lever to get the elevator to answer, only to realize it was not. "Uhm...why isn't it working?"

Stepping out of The Ranger while pulling on a shirt, Ripper sighed heavily and glared at Mar with obvious disgust. Having gotten his double bladed sword back, he kept a tight grip on it. He had been unable to convince Quint to hand back his lightsaber. "The main engine and system shut down the day I took you from this place. I have to start it up again." He explained.

“ Master I don’t think we should have brought ghost back her” she said quietly. Something was unnerving her but what she did not even know what.

Ripper let out sad chuckle and picked at the skin where it stopped growing back on his right arm. "I've been telling you that since Ghost mentioned the place..." He answered the teen padawan. "She can't handle what she'll find out here. We should just leave."

Even as he spoke the words, Ripper knew no one would believe him. No one had believed him in years since he had taken Ghost from the place four years earlier.

Ghost frowned at him. "It's my choice to come home. You can't stop me anymore!" Anger was rising, mixed with the fear inside of her as she walked to a side door and tried to open it. The door was sadly frozen shut and when she tried to use an extra amount of strength, her left arm popped off. "Oh, come on! I just fixed you!" She whined.

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