A Cold, Dark Place

Serenity reluctantly put the cloak Mar handed her on. “ how do you know that” she asked him.

"It belonged to a Jedi, for one..." Mar shrugged, not wanting to explore the subject further.

Once out into the landing bay they reunited with Rowan and the others. Mar met Ripper's gaze, his own disgust matching Ripper's. If there was to be an end to this... it would be with one of them dead Mar was certain. He looked to Ghost as she tried to open the door. However, Mar was wary of Ripper and kept his eye on him, not to mention making sure he stood between him and Serenity at all times.

Mira and Keran braced themselves against the cold, Mira was more uncomfortable than Keran. Keran could sense the dark side in Ripper and was immediately wary of him, however his senses detected the deep sense of guilt he felt. This made Keran curious. A former Inquisitor was one thing... but now this strange creature...

The Force was working mysteriously through them all.

KC-8 rolled down the cargo ramp and beeped at Mar.

"He says he could help get the generator back online... if you want help..." Mar looked to Ripper then to VT who was already getting himself into trouble. No doubt having a more trustworthy droid to help would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, Mar decided to offer his help to Ghost with her arm. Producing a small repair tool from his belt, one he used with his own robotic arm, and looking to Ghost for permission.

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