Start The Engine

Serenity stayed close to Mar she could not help but giggle when Ghost arme fell off again. “ I’m sorry it just a little funny that you arme falls of at the most inapratune times” she said with a smile.

Ghost laughed softly with Serenity and scratched at her own chin. "Well, it isn't quite as well made as my legs, so it is very wonky." She explained before looking to Mar. "Sure, go ahead. I give up on the stupid thing."

Ripper stepped around them and grabbed the door with his metal arm, tugging just hard enough to break the ice off and open it. Looking to Mar, he suppressed a growl to say, "Your little droid can do whatever it wants." He glanced toward Keran and Mira before stepping through the door and going down the stairwell beyond.

It did not take long for him to find the engine room. Stepping up to it, Ripper pulled a metal panel off a lower part. Setting it aside, he twisted off his metal arm and set it aside before pulling a wire from the remaining part of his arm. Plugging it in, he got to work, his right eye visibly glowing through his hair. Flipping a few switches, he muttered a bit and finally stated, "System restart commenced. Wake up, old girl..."

Just as Mar was finishing with her arm, Ghost looked up when the power came back on. "Oh, he got the job done..." She muttered. "I wonder why he doesn't want me here? Creator never hurt me..." There was a slight hint of doubt in her voice as she returned to the elevator and it rose up to greet them.

Smiling to the others, she gestured to the large space within the elevator. "Ready to see my home?"

VT-L2 squealed as he hopped onto KC-8 and clung to him. "HI! Play with me! Play with me!" Falls off and opens his own chest panel, letting the salad he put there earlier fall out. "Anyone want to eat?!"


From deep within the facility, resting in one of the rooms, was a man with a bored expression on his face. The moment the power came on, a grin crossed his face. "Finally home, Ghost? I've been waiting all week..." He chuckled as his blue eyes seemed to glow.

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