In the beast

Keeping R6 units “ET” and “C4” droids on the ship to keep it going even in the cold just in case thing go bad. The landing was reasonable the wind was a bit of a problem but over all this went well.

Rowan and RED-1 had stayed in the back of the party Rowans armor had protected him so far from the cold and red did not seemed even phased by it. He had said nothing just kept watch over the group and the area. Rowan was sure ripper had a good reason for giving a warning even if he could not talk about it. Rowan guessed this place could have been an Empire facility. It would be something they would do. The person Ghost said never hurt her could be the one that was behind this hole place and her experimentation.

From deep within the facility, resting in one of the rooms, was a man with a bored expression on his face. The moment the power came on, a grin crossed his face. "Finally home, Ghost? I've been waiting all week..." He chuckled as his blue eyes seemed to glow.

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