The Floor

"Master Jass," she said with some surprise. "I am surprised that the Jedi Council sent you so quickly," She said. She was amazed that the council had even listened to her report yet. She figured that it was still nearly night time back at the Jedi Temple. "I sent the report of how Lord Mar is taking on apprentices and his treatment of Ripper and how he enjoys using the Force to torture him," said with all her teenage angst. Then she added, "He says, he wishes to return to the Jedi too."

Ghost looked to Quint with surprised and concern as she stepped into the elevator and waited for everyone to make their way inside. She was thankful to have the power back on, but she was extremely nervous over having Ripper there, feared he might do something if given the chance.

Keeping these thoughts to herself, she pressed the right buttons and pulled a lever once everyone was inside. "So, if anyone wants to do any upgrades or fixes to droids or robotic parts, there is a Robotics Lab down on the third basement floor. There's a medical ward, an entire floor focused entirely on multiple forms of training both mind and body. There's even a morgue. I've never been allowed there, though. Creator said it was not a good place for me. The floor we're going to has the medical ward, the living quarters, and the hologram room."

Ghost shut up once she realized she was ranting and stared at the numbers above the elevator door as they went further down. "Sorry..." She murmured.

Once the elevator stopped and the door opened, they were greeted by Ripper waiting across from it. Ring hung next to him, still smoking slightly, while VT-L2 hopped up and down next to him. "Took your sweet time," Ripper commented as he pushed off the wall and gestured to the map on the wall behind him. "You want to explore, look at the maps. I'm going to medical to avoid the storm about to hit." Looking to Mar, he growled lowly. "When it all hits the fan, it's on you...inquisitor." Putting emphasis on the last word, he walked down the hallway.

VT-L2 pointed in the opposite direction that Ripper went. "Hologram room that way! Answers waiting!" Turning, the little droid chased after Ripper. "Wait for me! I need my circuits fixed!"

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