Confusion And Bonding

"Master Jass," she said with some surprise. "
"I am surprised that the Jedi Council sent you so quickly," She said. She was amazed that the council had even listened to her report yet. She figured that it was still nearly night time back at the Jedi Temple. "I sent the report of how Lord Mar is taking on apprentices and his treatment of Ripper and how he enjoys using the Force to torture him," said with all her teenage angst. Then she added, "He says, he wishes to return to the Jedi too."

Keran regarded the young jedi with confusion. "The Council? Young one you do realize The Jedi Council was destroyed long ago? It has only been recently that the Jedi have seen a resurgence in the galaxy after the fall of The Emperor. And even then, I do not affiliate myself with the New Republic and Skywalker's Jedi Academy. Admittedly only because I have been busy with my own endeavors..." Keran shrugged. Then looked back to the girl. "As for Mar... I am well aware of his previous connections to The Sith and his wish to return to The Light... it is why he sought me out... and to help you with this Sith you are bonded to."

The final remark was more of a reminder not to try and hide things from him, he could sense the dark presence hovering over Quint, distant though it may be, and Mar had in fact already filled Keran in on the situation.

"Yours is a bond that is very rare," Keran told her. "Only a handful of people across thousands of years have ever formed such bonds... like the ancient Jedi Knight Revan and his lover Bastila... In their case it was formed when she saved him from dying, and it was a bond that ultimately proved to be both their salvations." Keran's brow furrowed and his ears pulled back in deep thought. "Severing the bond may prove difficult. I will have to meditate on this further before we take any serious action..." He looked to the young jedi and flicked his ears encouragingly. "In the meantime... the darkness of this planet should mask your presence enough for the bond to not betray us to our enemies. If you focus and trust in The Force, I am sure the reason you have become bonded to this Sith will become clear, and it's purpose revealed."

Once the elevator stopped and the door opened, they were greeted by Ripper waiting across from it. Ring hung next to him, still smoking slightly, while VT-L2 hopped up and down next to him. "Took your sweet time," Ripper commented as he pushed off the wall and gestured to the map on the wall behind him. "You want to explore, look at the maps. I'm going to medical to avoid the storm about to hit." Looking to Mar, he growled lowly. "When it all hits the fan, it's on you...inquisitor." Putting emphasis on the last word, he walked down the hallway.

Mar stared at Ripper, his growing hatred towards him only tempered by the years of training to maintain control. Anger alone was powerful, yet if kept untamed threatened to destroy you. He reeled back his disgust for Ripper and made a mental note that he was fully expecting things to go bad... and once they did Mar needed to be ready to end Ripper as quickly as possible.

He, however, was growing worried for Ghost. The girl seemed uneasy here, even though it was home. And worse yet the echoes of The Dark Side in this place were prevalent. Something horrid happened here, and it all revolved around Ghost.

KC beeped in interest of the droid repair bay and Mar nodded. "Feel free to poke around. You do need a new scomp unit..."

KC beeped exuberantly and rolled off to the droid bay. Mar then looked to the holo room and a pit formed in the bottom of his stomach. Something told him the answers they'd find there would only make things worse, yet there was no stopping this train. He followed the others into the room.

Meanwhile, Mira's brow flicked in curiosity when Ghost mentioned the morgue. She wasn't a grave robber and had a healthy respect for the dead, however Ghost's mention of her creator insisting she never go there piqued her interest. So when she found the chance she slipped away from the group and made her way to the morgue...

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