The Approaching Storm

-Sometime After The Fight On Jakku-

Darth Liden looked over the helmet camera footage from the stormtroopers collected at the fight in the streets of the Jakku province. She was surprised. It seemed Leto had taken on a few students, and made some interesting friends in his time in exile. She didn't care about that, what she did care about was the man who had attacked them. He showcased impressive technologies, things even the black files of The Empire had not revealed. Virtual immortality... that could be of great use to Liden, she figured as much anyways.

She sensed the Ninth Sister before she actually entered the room. Liden did not turn away from the holo footage.

"My mistress..." The Ninth Sister said with a bow. "I believe I know where the jedi are heading... My bond with them is weakening as they get enveloped in darkness but I sense their path. A lonely world of ice and debris..."

Liden's dark lips curled into a grin. "This is good... Dispatch the 43rd batallion to the planet, I will be leading them myself. This discovery could be the answer to our troubles..."

-Later After The Fight With Jin'Lor-

A small fleet of Star Destroyers exited hyperspace and began to launch squadrons of TIE fighters towards the wall of debris which surrounded Jin'Lor's planet.

Darth Liden stood at the front of the bridge, looking out at the wasteland of a planet.

"What curiosities we will find down there..." Liden said to herself. "Commander Harkonen, command the fleet to fire upon the debris field. Have the TIE fighters clear a path for us when we've made a sufficient hole in the field..."

The star destroyers began to bombard the debris field around the planet, focusing on a single spot to open up a hole large enough for the fleet to enter. And once the larger pieces were demolished the TIE fighters flew in to mop up the smaller pieces of debris. Anything smaller than a speeder would harmlessly bounce off the deflector shields at that point.

It took a few hours but soon the fleet was behind the debris field.

"Prepare my shuttle..." Liden said as she turned to leave. "And get Obsidian Squad ready, we will need them..."

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