Taking off and a new Stowaway

Quint followed Rowan from the cantina back to his ship. Her droid asked her if this was the smartest thing they had done.

Rowan had been at this way to long not to notice the teenage looking girl tailing him that and the droid with her. The protocol droid was falling back some distance to try to conceal her position. He stopped for a moment just before he got to the hanger. The young girl ducked into the alleyway he made sure no one else was fallowing him. Rowan walked up to the hanger he reached and hit his COM button “RED, perimeter, condition one.” He said quietly. Unlocking the door, he walked into the hanger area closing it behind him.

She smiled as they approached the hanger, Quint started to work the force. She put effort to use the force to distract the droid and ship sensors. It was not a these are not the droids you are looking for. It more of we are not a treat and belong here vibe. She knew that in time the ship and droid would still rat her out. She and her droid headed into the cargo hold and hid themselves.

Rowan walked up the ramp to his ship and put his EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle in the weapons locker. walking back out and standing on the ramp. RED-1 walked down from the cargo ramp putting the supplies it had gotten into the cargo area the droid turned to Rowan. “Master Rowan, condition set” the droid said. Rowan just gave a nod in reply. He just waited there for the people to show or the girl to make some type of move it was about an hour. Two speeder bikes pull up to the hanger Aidman walks to the door and pushes the door button there was a signal telling Rowan some was at the door.

The door opened Aidman and his friend standing there with black hard cases in their hands, Rowan knew that they did not come a lone, but his men were near by just in case some one was going to steel the money. They walked in setting the cases on the ground the door shut behind them.

Rowan walked up to the cases and opened them slowly. He checked them then closed and locked them. RED-1 walked up behind him the droid looked it is built like a 501-Z "Unit Zed" Police Droid but little bigger dirty white body dull red and dull other markings. “RED-1 take the cases back to the ship” ordered Rowan. The droid pick cases and started to walk off then stopped and ask, “master are we taking passengers on?” Rowan turned and looked at the two men Aidmen look told Rowan what he wanted to know. “don’t know yet. Just stow the boxes” said Rowan. The droid nodded and walked back to the ship and in through the cargo ramp.

Rowan turned to the two men his voice angered and asks, “Something you want to tell me?” as he rests his hand on one of the DL-10 Pistol. Aidman chucked “She had come on her own, though I had directed her to go with you. She is the only one that has seen this man we seek. She is a good mechanic. Relax Rowan she does not bite, and she can take care of herself you will see.” Rowan let out a grunt “I am not responsible for her life. You did not pay me enough for that!” Aidman looks down at the ground thinking then eyes Rowan “The guy killed her father she has got this far on her own.” He looked at the ship then back at Rowan. “Be sides knowing her she is already aboard” Aidman says smiling. “I should just shoot you now, she is on her own she will regret getting on my ship” answered Rowan. Aidman gets an amused look on his face. “You don’t need to hurt her Rowan!” With a grunt Rowan says, “I am a professional, I will not kill her, I will make her wish she was dead” then an evil laugh “ya ya I won’t kill her Aidman.” He gives a nod to Aidman “I need to get out of here. Don’t die on me I want my payment” said Rowan as he turns to walk away. Aidman laughs “Just get back, you!” Rowan just lifts a hand in the air as to say ya whatever.

Walking on to this ship. He closed the ramp “lets take off!” he yells as he walks into the cockpit sits in his seat switching on the systems as the ship comes to life. It starts to float in the air two R6 droids roll in and take their positions. The ship turning slowly. Then shots off into the sky.

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