Bloody noses and black eyes.

The large rock falling from a blast impact stopped Quint. She ran Back as the lights and systems started to shut down from the ends of the hall to the elevator. She made it before half the hall was placed into cold darkness.

Quint handed the blaster rifle to Rowan, he would kill things with it. She was expecting that she would get chewed out for not following Orders but Ryze was not her master. She would follow Rowan’s orders without question. Maybe with comment though, the rest she would question. This was the way of young Jedi. I was the way most Masters and Padawans were too, till they learned each other’s ways. This meant that they were at a disadvantage. Jedi and their Padawan course sense each other and knew their moves. They fought like a team.

She focused her mind bringing up her battle sense and through the force fed the information to the party, she could sense Ninth Sister doing the same, they could see both sides of the battle. They all could in an innate way.

“Red, give Ripper back his light saber. He is going to needed it. They are going to send a large amount of blaster fire at the doors when they open,” She said as sure as she knew how to breath. She focused on Rowan’s abilities of tactics and cool under pressure.

They were in a choke point with little cover and an enemy that knew they were coming. Quint was fairly sure death was coming and she did not care.

For Quint and Ninth Sister, the battle had already begun. She stood in a battle trance as the world slowed to a crawl.

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