Chapter 6: Someone Else's Mess (Pt.2)

Heckler observed the Lasat's preparedness for a strike, he pondered it for a few nanoseconds but decided to respect Danis' request to not kill any one else for now. "Statment: You are correct, You seem smarter then most other meatbags."

Heckler observed the Lasat as he closed the crates filled with the dead Republic pilot's bodies, then began to push the trolly towards the trash compactor shaft in the far back corner of the hanger bay.

"Query: Do you require compensation for your assistance? If so I will gladly fulfill you need to refuel." Heckler a few moments later reached the trash compactor shoot and toggled the hatch open form a button on the trolley. He lifted the trolley and the crates tumbled noisily down the shoot.

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