"What do you want from me, woman?" Jin'Lor snapped, narrowing his eyes at Liden. "Are you wanting an immortal army to fight these..." He glanced to the Phantom. "Things?" Without realizing it, he was crushing the lightsaber in hand, sparks dancing up along his wrist and arm. "What exactly do they do to people?"

He suddenly wanted to run and did not realize he was taking a step back.

Liden nodded firmly. "That is precisely what I want you to do. Yes. Your regenerative abilities would be instrumental in gaining us a victory. For the Phantoms don't kill their enemies... not in a traditional sense..." She turned to the Phantom. "As you no doubt noted... that ghostly creature inside the armor has a humanoid skull... not a rakatan skull... That is because this phantom was once a stormtrooper under my command. He fell in battle and one Phantom, a special one, came and pulled his very essence from his fallen body... That is their unique edge in combat... our dead add to their ranks."

Liden turned back to Jin'Lor. "But if our men cannot die..."

She let Jin'Lor fill in the blanks. Though she could sense his apprehension.

"If need be, I will drop you off at the nearest planet. In exchange for your knowledge on regeneration of course... I would not like to leave empty handed after all... Which is why your first task should you agree to help... is to build me a new body..."


Sighing heavily as he watched Ghost leave, Ryze pulled the lightsaber from his chest and deactivated it. Looking to Mar, he frowned in shame. "I apologize for that...for everything, really. She is like this because I was not a good father and didn't treat her like a real daughter. I should have fought harder to...stop myself." He explained, figuring the cat was out of the bag already - might as well explain it all.

A part of Ryze still expected Mar to attack him.\

But Mar didn't. He merely gave Ryze a look of deep shame. More for not realizing the truth of Ryze's situation. He had been blinded by anger and hatred, like a true Sith...

"I'm... I'm sorry..." Mar said meekly to him.


Keran sensed the fear in Serenity, and was taken aback by how her eyes seemed to glaze over as she retreated into her own mind. It was then that Keran realized the true depth of her troubles. He made a mental promise to make sure he would help her however he could.

At the moment, however, he was locked in her grip, she kept stroking his head and petting his fur. Normally not an unpleasant situation but given Serenity's distress it was uncomfortable to say the least.

"It will be fine, young one." Keran said as he put a paw on the girl's hand. "I promise I will show you the way to becoming a jedi... I will help you..."

Meanwhile, however, in Serenity's daydream she met a woman. She had vibrant red hair and a kind face. She was wearing traditional Jedi robes, and regarded the wayward padawan with a warm smile.

"Hello there, little one. You seem lost. My name is Tal, what's your name?"


Mira had gotten into the pilots seat and was already maneuvering the Void Swift up and out of the landing bay.

"Hey, big bad Mandalorian!" She hailed Rowan. "We should get the hell out of here before that monster decides to attack, or that fleet opts to bombard the entire place!" Mira had taken the Void Swift to a higher altitude when the sensors picked up that creature in the storm. It was making a bee-line to the Swift.

"Alright big boy..." Mira said under her breath. "Let's see who's the better flier..."

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