Foolish Man

Jin'Lor listened intently to everything she said, his hand completely crushing the lightsaber in his hand as he held back a growl. Every bit of logic and insanity within him was on the same page for once, agreeing he should not make this woman angry. It had been a long time since he felt fear - real fear. Not even getting his head cut off four years ago had frightened him as much as the promises this woman spoke of.

The thought of those things happening to him was worse than what his own father had done to his mind. At least that had just been chemicals pushed into his veins, but having his mind practically torn apart? No, he had to take his steps carefully here.

What could he do other than agree to her demands? He could run for it, but how far would he get before she caught him? The temptation to try it stabbed at his mind just to enjoy the thrill, but he really did not wish to have his mind torn apart. It was hard enough to tell past from present as is already.

"Now..." She finally said after what seemed like an eternity of silence. "Shall we begin?"

Gritting his teeth, Jin'Lor nodded slowly. "Fine," He said reluctantly. "I'll give you what you want, but you're not allowed to touch any of the information. That's all mine." He hated how his hand shook when he gripped onto a knife. Temptation still bit at him to run from her, to attempt an escape. "I don't much like to be cooped up in a lab all day since I endured that for a good forty years, so I'll get to come and go as I please."

"What do you want me to do first...?" He asked in a sarcastic tone, offering a glance toward the Phantom again. Something about that thing made him stay on edge, grip tightening defensively on the knife he had yet to pull free.

Jin'Lor's finally began to realize too late what a fool he was.


Ryze sighed heavily and easily withstood the sudden movement of the ship due to the added weight of his skeleton. "Are there any specifics you want for the arm?" He inquired. "I can easily get the supplies at the next planet we visit. Being a medical officer for over fifty years has its perks..."

Grimacing, he crossed his arms over his chest. "There a chance I can get a shirt, by the way?" With a glance toward the table, he grabbed the blood coated one that had been on Ghost and that look of shame returned, mingling with something akin to pity in his green eyes. "Fool doesn't even know what being happy is, does he?"


Ghost tilted her head to the side, curious about what she could feel lingering around Serenity. Unable to figure out what it could be, though, she walked to the cockpit where Mira was and gazed out at the chaos ahead.

"Can you get away from them?" She asked Mira in a tired voice, eyes narrowing at the ships in their way.

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