It’s complicated

“ I-I don’t know the Jedi are all I have ever know. I wish I could have fun and be a normal child for once. With friends and a family. I hate the stitch I wishe they were all dead” she said as the emotion Finly came to the surface. But only briefly. She was quite to game control and lock them away.

“ I will never be able to be a Jedi I used the force to choke That inquisitor, I consent control myself she hurt Master mar” she said. She burst into sobs and hugged Tall. She was so upset and confused she did not know what to do. Mar and Keren only server to confuse her more.

“ Maser Mare and Master Keren only fight I don’t know who I should listen to. One student can’t follow cotridicting orders from masters who should I listen to” she whimpered

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