A Scar And A Phantom Pain

Feeling the energy blade stab into his side as he began to rip the armor away, he only let out a half groan and kicked at the Phantom's arm. "Ruined my favorite shirt!" He yelled in a half joking tone and pulled harder at the lightsaber in hand until he got the armor free, falling back and letting the energy blade rip from his body through his stomach.

Flipping back to land on his feet, Jin'Lor spat out black blood and gazed toward the Phantom, hoping what he had done was enough to deal with this monstrosity.

It was not.

The Phantom pressed its attack further, showing it's speed by closing the distance between it and Jin'Lor in what seemed like an instant. It was on top of him again, slashing at him with its wraith blade.

All the while, Liden stared and watched, eager to see how Jin'Lor's abilities would prove against the Phantom. A part of her was desperately hoping he would succeed.

Tal stroked the girl's hair and smiled. "The Jedi always strive to bring balance to the force. Yet have you considered what balance truly means? The dark side and the light. Each one strives for dominance. The result is chaos, conflict, pain, and suffering. Yet what if they were to work as one? To be truly balanced? Young one you are in the enviable position of learning from both sides of The Force, of achieving true balance. And in turn bringing balance to those around you, your masters included. Do you understand?"


"Are there any specifics you want for the arm?" He inquired. "I can easily get the supplies at the next planet we visit. Being a medical officer for over fifty years has its perks..."

Mar smiled slightly, feeling more at ease around Ryze seeing that he was being friendly. "Just that it works like a hand, though if you get inspired I certainly don't mind a few surprises." Then he frowned. "Wait fifty years?" Suddenly it became clear that with his odd healing, the fact he was probably older then everyone else on the ship was very likely.

Grimacing, he crossed his arms over his chest. "There a chance I can get a shirt, by the way?" With a glance toward the table, he grabbed the blood coated one that had been on Ghost and that look of shame returned, mingling with something akin to pity in his green eyes. "Fool doesn't even know what being happy is, does he?"

Mar shrugged. "I wouldn't know..." Mar himself wasn't sure what being happy meant either. "In either case... We should probably..." The ship rocked and shuddered. Mar sighed and looked towards the lift to the bridge then back to Ryze. "...get to the bridge and see what's going on."


Mira whooped as she dove the Void Swift through the storm clouds, just barely avoiding the strange monster as it tried to make for them once more.

"This is the most fun I've had since that one time I tried giving Keran a bath!"

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