Warriness Growing

Ghost glanced to Ryze before slipping out of the room with a grimace. Spotting Keran again, she crouched down next to him and looked to Serenity. "Why isn't she waking up?" She asked the fox as her wolf ears twitched with worry at the sight of Serenity's tears. "Something is upsetting her..."

Turning her gaze to the doorway where Ryze and Mar were, she felt a deep sadness burning within. It had been hard enough to find out her Creator had indeed been the real monster, but to know the man that raped her was her father...it was just too much.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind and biting back the tears, Ghost gently reached out and grabbed onto Serenity's shoulders. "Wake up, please. You're safe. We're all safe." She stated and kept out the rest of her words.

There was always the worry that the A.I. in Ryze would take over.


"I really hope they didn't see us." Ryze grunted as he set a hand upon Ring, a comforting action he always did to calm himself. Glancing out the door, he felt the same way Mar did at the moment. They had to get through this first, but once it was all done he would have to tend to Ghost's shoulder again. The bleeding was concerning him greatly.

He only hoped that Ghost would let him. If not, he would concede to letting someone else do it, but he did not know if anyone else here was good with stitching.

For now, he focused on the star destroyers.


She nodded to Jin'Lor. "You now know the foe... the danger to the galaxy... will you walk away still? Or will you help? In return I will do what I can to help you. No price is too heavy for what needs to be done."

Jin'Lor's blue eyes had gone wide the moment the Phantom had come for him and he was silently thankful for Liden's help. Glad to stop using his Force ability and the lightning, he sheathed the knife and stared at her. He hated using that much power, for it always exhausted him and the system in his spine. It was a weakness he despised admitting to having.

"Seems you've got yourself a big problem." He commented and kept the lightsaber in hand, not willing to trust Liden after what she had just thrown at him. "I'll help you with that...new body, but I'm not making promises about the rest."

Jin'Lor refused to admit that he was still skeptical about building Liden a new body. It was not any doubt that he could do it, but worry over what she might do with all this power after the job was done. Everything about this woman reminded me of his own personal nightmares and it made him very wary.

So, with a shrug he wiped away the black blood from his healed stomach. "What now?" He asked.

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