Nothing Else Matters

Jin'Lor refused to admit that he was still skeptical about building Liden a new body. It was not any doubt that he could do it, but worry over what she might do with all this power after the job was done. Everything about this woman reminded me of his own personal nightmares and it made him very wary.

So, with a shrug he wiped away the black blood from his healed stomach. "What now?" He asked.

"You can begin your work as soon as you please. Or if need be, you can rest. I can provide you appropriate quarters should you desire." Liden seemed to grimace at the dead Phantom before turning and walking out of the lab. "You will be busy. After all, your work could prove the salvation of the galaxy."

Liden indeed was eager to see what body Jin'lor could provide her. However it was more a matter of practicality. Her connection to the force had been greatly reduced by all the cybernetics keeping her alive. And a lot of her focus was put into controlling the pain that came with it. Her mind had been sharpened by this constant duel between the pain and her own sheer will. However she knew it slowed her down, made her less effective.

If she was to fight the Phantoms she needed to shed this body, weak and broken, for one that can answer the challenge the Phantoms presented.

What came after... Liden cared little. She had no goal beyond stopping the Phantoms.

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