Lets Get Started

Surprised at her offer, Jin'Lor glanced over her with curiosity. "I'll need DNA samples and some bone marrow from you to start. Creating a new immortal body isn't easy and can be time consuming. If I don't put everything in the right place, it just becomes a defect I'll have to put out of its misery later."

He shifted in discomfort, memories of what he had done on the cold planet for so many years replaying in his head. "I'm sure you can tell I'll just get to work." Jin'Lor offered a sharp toothed grin, though the look in his eyes suggested exhaustion. He had not slept for a few days, avoiding getting locked in his own mind again.

"Just show me where I need to get to work and we can start on that new body. I can't promise it'll come out looking like the perfect woman, but it'll definitely be as immortal as I am when it's complete. May take a good month, but I can get it done."

Turning off Liden's lightsaber, Jin'Lor tossed it back to her with a frown.

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