Uneasy Meeting

Mar wasn't quick to draw his blaster or brandish his lightsaber, however he made sure the stranger knew that should weapons be drawn it wouldn't be a simple fight by keeping his hand on the blaster, though in reality Mar was intending to use The Force to overturn a nearby kiosk and have it crash onto the stranger.

“ who are you and what do you want” serenity said glaring at Thrass.

"You're in the way of Her Highness Queen Serenity of Malacore." Mar said in a fake posh accent. "State your business or stand aside!" This was about putting on appearances, Mar wasn't willing to betray the fact he and Serenity as well as Ghost were lightsaber wielding force users. That'd paint a huge target on their back.

Meanwhile, Keran had perched himself atop some scaffolding just above where the stranger was standing. Should things go south, Keran would leap onto the man's head and show him what a Jedi of his size could do with his claws. He didn't need a lightsaber to be intimidating in spite of his size.


Liden smirked. "Merely seeing how you are doing, making sure your lab is to your standards. Is there anything I can provide you?" Her words were unnaturally warm.

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