Immortals Aren't Easy To Make

Grip tightening on the knife, Jin'Lor let out a growl. "I already told you I'm not your dear anything, woman!" He snapped before an annoying beeping pulled his attention to the tank.

Grunting, he released the knife and went to the it, twisting certain knobs and typing a few things into the computer to the side. "Always a pain during the first few days..." He muttered as he got things stabilized. The problem with making an immortal was actually getting it to grow to a certain age without any deformities. It had taken him years to perfect it and he still had little kinks to fix sometimes.

He just prayed this one would work out.

Turning his blue gaze back to Liden, Jin'Lor sighed heavily. "Your DNA is working well enough with it." He explained with a wave toward the tank. "If everything works without incidents your new body will be ready before the month is up. Are there any specifics I need to add before the body is fully developed? Once it hits the right age and starts showing immortal traits, I can't change anything."

He knew this better than anyone. Cutting his hair had never been more of a problem than it was now because it just grew back faster than he could cut it. Liden would have to be happy with what she got or he would have to start over. There was also the issue of the kill switch, which he had not added yet.

A part of him was actually afraid to.


"We're on our way to the registry." Mar said. "To look for Ghost's mother. However if you know of her, it'd be a great help to us if you could tell us everything you know."

Thrass frowned deeply as he thought on this for a moment. "The records I got from the registry and anywhere I dug up on her only have a name and very little information." He told them and pointed to the bag hanging at his left hip. "They simply called her Ruellia Venneroe, if that helps."

Ghost grunted in irritation. "I have a feeling that's not her full name."

A laugh was her answer from the Chiss as he took a step away from Serenity, staring at the teen. "Well, I asked around and the guys here told me I would have better luck asking about her brother. He had a weird name, though."

"Creator..." Ghost whispered, ears seeming to fall down further than usual as a sad expression crossed her face.

"Guess I'm no help?" Thrass stared at Ghost's ears before looking to the others again. "I mean, I could try digging for more information, but it'll cost you. These people don't like to share, I've noticed."

VT-L2 suddenly came running through the crowd, dodging around legs and other strange limbs as he reached the group, slamming right into Mar's leg. "Bad thing! Very bad thing! Hi! Oh, he's blue! HI!"

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