Digging In The Wrong Place

"They simply called her Ruellia Venneroe, if that helps."

Ghost grunted in irritation. "I have a feeling that's not her full name."

A laugh was her answer from the Chiss as he took a step away from Serenity, staring at the teen. "Well, I asked around and the guys here told me I would have better luck asking about her brother. He had a weird name, though."

"Creator..." Ghost whispered, ears seeming to fall down further than usual as a sad expression crossed her face.

"Guess I'm no help?" Thrass stared at Ghost's ears before looking to the others again. "I mean, I could try digging for more information, but it'll cost you. These people don't like to share, I've noticed."

Mar's brow furrowed before he nodded. "Very well. If you can help, we'll gladly pay what you want. This is to help a... a friend." Mar felt uneasy given that not a day ago he had tortured Ryze, considered him an animal, and now he was in the heart of bounty hunter country, with a bounty on his own head for his betrayal of the Empire. It was interesting how The Force worked to bring the unlikeliest people together.

"We also need to look for a new ship. Ours is on its last legs." Mira said.

VT-L2 suddenly came running through the crowd, dodging around legs and other strange limbs as he reached the group, slamming right into Mar's leg. "Bad thing! Very bad thing! Hi! Oh, he's blue! HI!"

Mar grimaced and tried to shoo VT off of his leg. "What bad thing are you talking about?"


Liden looked to the tank. "Would it be vain of me to ask for a beautiful body?" She crossed her arms, almost as if holding herself. If she still had a face behind her visor a look of discomfort would've been visible. "War has twisted me into a broken thing..."

It was a moment of vulnerability that was incredibly rare for her to reveal.

"So long as it is capable of doing the job needed, fighting Phantoms, it will do." She looked to Jin'Lor. "I trust your judgment."

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