Desperation and Beauty

VT-L2 fell to his square shaped butt and looked up at Mar with his single optic before vomiting out what looked to be a very important piece to Mar's ship. "I did a thing...Ryze got unhappy with me." He explained.

Thrass chuckled at the little droid before answering. "There's a place to buy a ship down that way." Jerking a thumb behind him in the direction they had been heading, he offered a lazy grin to Serenity in an attempt to follow the act they were obviously going with. "I can meet up with you somewhere once I get the information, if you like."

Ghost looked to Mar, frowning. "Should we trust him?" She practically whispered, but in the back of her mind she wanted to know. Her mother was a complete mystery to her and if someone knew even a little about her, it was enticing. She was so desperate to know something about the woman she would meet some stranger for the information.


Jin'Lor was taken aback by the request for moment, surprised to see this sliver of vulnerability from such a powerful woman, but soon let out a low chuckle. "I'm sure you've noticed my insanity, but I'm not that much of an asshole." Tapping the tank with a sharp black claw, he grinned to reveal those sharp teeth of his. "She'll grow into a beauty, I promise."

Turning from Liden and the tank, he returned to the corpse atop the table he had been working at. Staring down at the bloody mess, he let out a sigh. "Not everyone can handle this work, though." He muttered and closed the dead individual's eyes. "You seem to have a strong will to survive, so I'm positive you'll get through the process easily."

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