Continued Rage

Ghost glanced to the other Mandalorians, rage growing further. The Force continued to respond to the uncontrolled emotions, sending them flying into the walls and crushing their armor against their bodies before they could even think of pulling their triggers.

"I do not help scum." She snapped with an animalistic snarl. "I only want information, but I'm positive it will not come from you!"

Turning, she walked toward Mira and Keran with a deep frown upon her pale face. Reaching them, hand still gripping the lightsaber, she looked to the Twi'lek and fox. "Lets go before I have to kill more people..." She said with a glare back to Mandalore, the temptation to murder him growing with each passing second.


Carla cuddled up to Serenity and let out a low hiss toward Mar, but did little else. The chicken would never let on about how much she knew, let alone how intelligent she really was.

She enjoyed letting everyone think she was just another regular acid spitting fowl.

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